When your high school guidance counselor tells you that you should consider a career as a barber – you know you have to come up with a “Plan B” pretty quick. Luckily a talent for mimicry saved Rich Natole from a career clipping ear hair. Combining that talent with all of the “fun” growing up in Northern California with a transplanted New York Italian family and you have the recipe for a great comic impressionist.

As a teenager, Rich was a ticket taker at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, CA. He stood in the wings and learned from the masters-Frank Sinatra, Bill Cosby, Rich Little, Sammy Davis Jr. and George Carlin. Watching all of these incredible entertainers ignited Rich’s passion for performing. As a teenager, he talked his Dad into driving him into San Francisco to work weekly at the comedy clubs.

Los Angeles was waiting and Rich Natole packed up, moved to LA, unpacked and then packed up again to go “On the Road”. Rich played every major comedy club in 42 states within just a few years. He was a key opening act for many musical and comedy acts. Rich distinguished himself as a favorite with local radio and television shows for his quick wit, variety of impressions and professional attitude and appearance.

With two kids and a mortgage, Rich answered the call of corporate America and moved to the convention capital of the world – Orlando, Florida. His clean act was in big demand with corporations and he was happy to oblige them (and take their money). After 9-11 – the world changed and the corporate market stalled ……lucky for Rich the “Del –Boca – Grande – Vista” circuit was heating up. The delightful residents of the many Florida retirement communities called and Rich Natole become the most requested act in the state of Florida. One thing is for sure – when you can get standing ovations from this crowd (at least from the ones able to stand) – you know how to please an audience.

The bright lights of Vegas proved too hard to resist and the Natole’s relocated in 2008. Rich Natole has been both a student and a lover of Las Vegas show business for decades. Vegas audiences are the best in the world and his one man show “Voices Of A Generation” is a perfect culmination of the thousands of shows he has performed over the years. It showcases the voices of “his generation” – voices his parents loved and listened to growing up and contemporary voices that his kids love today. While Las Vegas is home to many incredible singing impressionists, Rich Natole is the only true comic-impressionist working in Las Vegas today.

“Voices Of A Generation” is a people pleasing show that showcases dozens of celebrity voices in a fast moving, very funny show. Whether you love comedy, love impressionists or just love to be fully entertained, Rich Natole will exceed your expectations with “Voices Of A Generation”