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Rich Natole moves to the Tropicana August

by: Jennifer Prosser

Impersonator Rich Natole is on the move.

After a few short months at the Harmon Theater, he´s moving into more spacious digs at the Tropicana.

Natole´s show moves over to the Tropicana´s second-floor showroom on August 1. That venue, currently filled in by Bobby Slayton in the evening, has never hosted an afternoon slot.

Natole played the room years ago, and is thrilled to be back, citing the room´s intimate feel as perfect for his schtick.

The good-natured performer quickly became a hit with his "Voices of a Generation" show, which draws into his clutches the voices that captivated his parents, his children and himself.

Among the voices you may encounter in the show are Donald Trump. Willie Nelson, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson and Regis Philbin. His impression list reaches into the hundreds, however, so you never know who you´ll meet.

One of the most imaginative shows on the Strip, "Voices of a Generation" is enjoyable for all ages, making it the perfect afternoon show that´s a dont-miss for Vegas showgoers.

Natole will perform at 2 p.m. Thu.-Tue. No price information is yet available. To reach the Tropicana box office, call (702) 739-2411.
Date Submitted: July 31, 2009 12:26PM

VARIETY  - "Confident and likable - He quickly appeals to the audience"

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER  - "A successful multi-talented comic-impressionist"

L.A. TIMES  - "True comic capability -- met with great laughter by young and old alike"