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Voices of a Generation

June 5, 4:51 PM • Dr. Peter J. Shield

Rich Natole – Comic Impressionist
As I entered the door of the Harmon Theatre on Harmon Ave, to attend the press launch of Rich Natole, Voices of a Generation, I thought to my self, what this town needs most is another Impressionist!

This Guy’s good. Like I mean real good!
It’s harder to try to think of someone he didn’t impersonate than to recall all the ones he did!

What I liked most however was the flow. This was a well worked out routine. Unlike many impressionists I’ve had the opportunity to review, Rich had a unique style that makes his show different. Sure all the old tried and true favorites were there. George Burns, Donald Trump, All the Presidents and their men, Jack Nicholson, Willie Nelson and the list goes on and on. What made this show outstanding however was for me the smooth flow of material.
Politicians, Movie Greats, Musical stars and TV personalities all flowed continuously off the lips of this very talented comedian. At one stage I was reminded of Carrot Top, but only because of the stage full of clutter and disused props! An extremely funny routine had a popular football receiver catching a baby from a burning building – I won’t give away the tag but this was sick! LOL. I loved it!

Rich performs an amazing 7 days a week at 2pm. You can book direct at 702 836-0836, or check out Rich for yourself at
There is free Valet parking at the Harmon Theatre on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Harmon Ave. or you can self park at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.
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Date Submitted: June 23, 2009 04:46PM

VARIETY  - "Confident and likable - He quickly appeals to the audience"

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER  - "A successful multi-talented comic-impressionist"

L.A. TIMES  - "True comic capability -- met with great laughter by young and old alike"